Begun in 2018, and located next to a beautiful white village, next to the soaring mountain peaks in Axarquia in southern Spain, the Art House Project is an inspiring art venture. A beautiful empty house has been transformed into a work of art, weaving in history and memories of the house, respecting all existing elements from different periods when the building was lived in and used. The house has been brought back to the life, adding modernity, art and comfort. The house was renovated in keeping with its Andalusian mountain country charm. 


A notable feature of the Art House Project is to combine local country lifestyle, global understanding and modern use of technology. People visiting or working there have a chance to experience daily life of the local inhabitants and their way of life. The rolling hills with olive and almond trees act as a catalyst for interaction between visitors and residents, giving rise to many a memorable episode. An organic project that changes day-to-day has evolved to present a new model of community, characterized by positive interaction between urban and rural, young and old, resident and visitor.


This project was created to have space where everyday life and art meet, and where indoor interacts with outdoor. It is a place to create images and use traditional techniques with the latest technologies. Here, people can create and learn black and white analogue film photography, use the darkroom and the studio. The project also helps people to make photography in magnificent surroundings.


The project embraces the past and looks to the future. Art house is a meeting place for art and culture-loving people from all over the world. Sustainable living in a modern world in the countryside!


Kristian Kaarna is a European photographer born in Finland. He feels at home all over the world. Kristian Kaarna has studied, lived and worked in international capitals throughout his adult life (Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Helsinki, Brussels, Hong Kong). Today, he spends most of his time in rural Spain, taking advantage of the remote work opportunities of modern technology.