Black and white EU is cultural heritage and maintenance project about film photography. With the upraising interest in analog photography, Black and white EU have been established to protect and preserve film photography and find the new ways and methods to develop it.


In the modern digital world, analog photography has become much more popular with younger generations who have become increasingly interested in the traditional photographic practice, we want to share knowledge of this disappearing cultural heritage.

The Black and White EU project was built around the idea of promoting film photography in Europe. It gives the possibility to share information and the exchange of skills in the cross-border and to allow the creation of pan-European exhibitions. The project will involve local and international actors.


The traditional processes of photography and training in different techniques and approaches will be implemented both physically in different countries and places but also via virtual interfaces via the Internet. The overall approach will be supported by the publication of catalogs, books on photographic practices and monographs of exhibiting artists and project actors.