2019 year for residency visits

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Artist residencies are dedicated places around the world that offer time and space away from your usual distractions. They place to nurture your process and discover new ways of working. Residencies aren’t just about traveling to new places to make artwork, they are also about responding to new environments with fresh eyes. 

My photography has changed in so many ways because of my exposure to so many different worlds. Artist residencies offer the chance to connect with other artists from around the world in different disciplines. Travelling and networking is driving force in my world!

2019 I have visited 3 different artist residencies:

The Nelimarkka Residency, Villa Nelimarkka what was designed and built by Eero Nelimarkka as a summer house for his family in 1933 in Alajärvi Finland.

La Ruche , Paris (literally the beehive) was an artist's residence in the Montparnasse district of Paris. It now hosts around fifty artists and stages art exhibitions open to the public.  Originally a temporary building designed by Gustave Eiffel for use as a wine rotunda at the Great Exposition of 1900

Villa Väinölä, built in 1926, was designed by Alvar Aalto as a home and office for his brother, geodetic engineer, Väinö Aalto in Alajärvi, Finland.

The Nelimarkka Residency carries out Eero Nelimarkka’s long-term dream of having fine art also in the countryside. The residency is located in a rural setting, four kilometres from the small Alajärvi Centre, close to lake and natural surroundings.

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