Opera singer Johanna Rusanen-Kartano performs at the opening of the Kristian Kaarna Art Exhibition

The Nelimarkka Museum will soon open a new exhibition.

Integrated Landscapes presents Kristian Kaarna's landscape photographs, which have been shot in the footsteps of Eero Nelimarkka. With her exhibition Kaarna wants to stimulate discussion about the beauty of our own area, nature and its observation, as well as taking it into consideration in the hurry of everyday life.

Kaarna, like Eero Nelimarkka, observes nature and her artist personality.

His passion for landscape photography ignited in Argentina. A stress-free time, a break from everyday life, and stunning and strong scenery created a new kind of landscape for the Photographer.

At the Integrated Landscapes exhibition, Kaarna is looking for a strong unity with a second-century artist and asks why did the Nelimarkka era begin in the Alajärvi


The exhibition opens on 12.10. The exhibition will be opened by Maria Lampinen, Museum Director. The opening speech will be given by art historian Marjatta Hietaniemi and will feature opera singer Johanna Rusanen-Kartano.

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